Sunday, November 8, 2009

Busy Weekend

So, I got home on Thursday from Springfield, thanks to my Mom's wonderful Best Friend Becky Jane, who came over and stayed with mom. I worked Thursday and Friday, and then friday after work, we decided to take the kids to see "Where the wild things are", but James had a terrible cough so I left early with him. He was running a fever when we got home, so Jason called the Patient Advisory Nurse who said she thought what he had sounded like viral bronchitis, so we gave him some tylenol, corn syrup(for kids under 6 they can take that to help with the coughing), bought a humidifier for their room, and a cool bath. Becca and I ran over to the Assembly Hall to the Cris Cringle Craft Show and got a few presents for others and for ourselves, then we went to Steak-n-Shake for dinner, it was a good "girls" night out.

Saturday, Jason took James to the Dr. to have his ear looked at, it has been draining for over 10 days, even after 7 days of ear drops. He has infections in both ears, so he is now on oral antibiotics and 7 more days of ear drops. Poor baby!!!! I did NOTHING all day. I think I finally took a shower around 5pm, and then we went to McAllisters for dinner and a quick trip to Sam's. After that we came home and my Uncle and cousin came over and we played Band Hero for a couple of was a LOT of fun!!

Sunday, Jason and the kids went to CCD and James and I stayed home and started cleaning. I had 3 things on my list to get done: garage clean so the van will fit in it, van cleaned, and pictures of the kids at the park. We got 2 out of 3 done, so that's not too bad. The van can be cleaned out pretty easily...but I am ECSTATIC about the van fitting back in the garage!!!!! :) We then had dinner, got the kids showered and in bed, and are now relaxing in front of the TV and computer!!! Yeah!!! It was a productive day...and laundry even got done!! WOW!!!

Here are some pictures of the kids:

Heading back to Springfield tomorrow...hope everyone has a GREAT week!!!!