Friday, November 28, 2008


My sister and my mom

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We went to my sister's house for dinner, which was VERY good. She had a houseful and was quite the hostess...along with my brother-in-law!! We came home from there house and put the tree up and the ornaments on it. The kids really enjoy this and it's one of our family traditions. We did not get the rest of the Christmas decorations out...who knows if we will. We have the tree and the we have to put it all out?? It takes so much time to unpack and then pack back up...UGH!!!

Well, we are taking off in the morning to head up to Jason's families for the Weber party. We are going to go up early and drop off all of our stuff at his brother/sister-in-laws and hang out there for a while and then head over to his parents. It will be nice seeing everyone, but there are SO many people...sometimes you don't even get a chance to talk to them all. We have to be home by 5 to pick up the dogs at the boarding facility, so it will be a quick trip up and back.

I have all of my shopping done, except what I want to buy for my parents...they are the HARDEST to buy for...they don't give a whole lot of hints. But everyone else is done. I am going to wrap a bunch tonight to put under the tree for the kids and all of Jason's families are going up with us tomorrow. So...I'm going to go so I can get the kids off to bed (Polar Express is on...and they have enjoyed watching it) and then eat something before I start my wrapping.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

OK...I'm a slacker...SORRY!!

Well, Jason just told me today that I need to update my blog...yes...I know...I just don't have much of anything "new" to say, but we'll try.

We have been running into some issues in the AM with Becca of getting ready for school. She is just like me...hates mornings (unless it's the weekend, and then she's up at the crack of dawn). This past week we made a "chore" chart which lists all of the things she has to do in the morning before walking out the door for school. This past week was pretty good. One day we all slept in and she got up/dressed/Go-gurt for the walk and was out the door in 5 minutes. I hate mornings like that, but she did really well that day. We also started putting Becca and James to bed about 8:15...which helps when they go to sleep, there are nights where the 2 of them are talking till 9:15 or so...defeats the purpose of going to bed earlier. I have a feeling our morning problems will only get worse with the winter and NONE of us (James, Becca and I) wanting to get up in the morning. Oh well...we'll keep on doing what we're doing.

Jason and I are still going and talking with Michael Trout. He's really good and easy to talk to, but it is definitely not one of those things that he can "just fix Bradley". It is going to take a LOT of work and it may not help after all. However, We will do anything for him...we are not going to let him be one of those "lost kids". Michael has been giving us some things to read, listen to, a couple of "tips", etc, so that is pretty helpful.

So...on to me...does anyone else out there have those days/nights/weeks, etc where you just want to be "left alone"?? I love my husband, but I don't "need" him in the same ways that he "needs" me. When I have had a long, stressful day...I just want to go to bed...that's it...NO MORE. I know...too much info...but GEEZ...what does it take to JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!!! We have definitely not seen eye to eye on this subject for a while...and at times I feel that maybe I'm the only one in the WHOLE wide world that has this problem...PLEASE tell me I'm not!!! It has definitely been the cause for some disagreements in the last few weeks, and I am tired of that also!! UGH!!! OK...enough!!!

Well, we are slowly getting ready for Christmas around the house. I have all of my shopping done, except for my parents!! They are the hardest to buy for. I tried getting them to go out and shop for a new kitchen table (my mom has wanted one for a REALLY long time) and then my sister and us and them could go in on it together and it would be something that they needed/wanted, not just the stuff we try to get that they don't really need/want. So...I'll keep you posted, but I bet anything that we won't be going in together on a kitchen table. We are putting up our tree this coming Friday and then we are leaving Saturday morning to head up to Jason's parents/brothers' house. I am looking forward to the LONG weekend, but it will go by so FAST...I hate that.

Well...I'm going to end here...I'll keep you update (a bit better)!! Have a good (short) week!!! :)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Past couple of weeks in review

Well...I must life is pretty boring. Not a whole lot has been going on. Kids are good. Dogs are good. Jason and I are good. What more can I ask for??'s what's up with the family...

Jason- work, work, and more work. He is trying to get another paper in for some grant money...hopefully he will get it in and it will be accepted. Our goal is for him to get some money so we can stay here in Champaign and he can get a tenure track position at the U of I. Keep your fingers crossed!!!

Bradley- still dealing with the same issues. Lying, Sneaking, and Stealing (from friends of ours and family). This is part of his RAD, and he's been doing it for SOOOO long...hopefully things will start to get better. Jason and I have been seeing Michael Trout and he has been pretty helpful to us. A lot of it is just how we handle Bradley and the things he does. Yelling, spanking, timeouts, taking things away, etc. , "Normal" things you would do with a "normal" child...don't work. It's a lot about being calm, talking to him about how we wish he would make different choices, hopefully he will decide to return whatever it is that he took, while the whole time not yelling, and not letting him "get" to us. It is one of the hardest things I have ever done...and I'm not very good at it. Jason is much better. I am also reading a wonderful book by Daniel Hughes "Building the bonds of attachment". We are going to try to do some of the techniques that they are doing in the book, we'll see how they work.

Becca- Perfect attendance in school!!! She is so excited about this. She LOVES kindergarten and every morning can't wait to get to school. Gymnastics is going good, we are going to sign her up for another semester. Daisy Girl Scouts start this Thursday...she is very excited about this also. She is a very busy girl.

James- Talking more and more everyday. This child amazes me and I love listening to him and watching him do new things everyday. He is starting to put more and more words together and doing all kinds of different things. I love this age!!! He also is saying "President Obama"...which is so cute and "irritated" Jason just a bit.

Me- I am feeling pretty good. Stopped taking my Wellbutrin and Glucophage. I think I am doing pretty good off of it...we'll's been a month. Work is OK. Family life is Wonderful!!! I can't wait till Christmas break so I'll be home with them for a week and a half.

Well, my new goals are to keep the house clean and go through the kids' make room for some new ones. Christmas and then 2 birthdays the first week of January...didn't plan that very well did I?? The kids are definitely not getting the same amount of presents that they have in the past. We are trying to cut down and teach them a bit more about what Christmas is and why we celebrate it. I'm starting to realize that they don't know much about it and I do not want them to think Christmas is all about's so much more. I have tried talking with our families about this and to not give them TOO much...I'm sure it won't help...but I will continue to try.

Well...I think that's about it for now...hope everyone has a GREAT week!!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008


So, James woke up today with a terrible cough and just looking like he didn't feel very good...not a great start to the day, but he got a couple of naps in and was feeling better before we went trick or treating!! YEAH!! I stayed home from work today to tend to James and to go to Becca's parent teacher conference. Bradley decided at the last minute that he wanted to trick or treat, so we put together a referee costume for him, so he would have something to wear. I think he would have liked to have been something scary, but he didn't want to scare his little brother. Between Becca's hair and was a long trip trick or treating. I tried getting her to just take it off...but she was having nothing of that. They made out pretty good, and it was such a nice night out!!

He really wanted to wear that BIG nose!!