Tuesday, February 8, 2011

...another day!!

So, today is Tuesday, and it feels like it should be Friday. I am lucky that I'm not working right now, however there are a lot of times during the work week that I miss it!! I miss being around adults...don't get me wrong I absolutely love that I am home 3 days a week with James and I am home everyday when my kids get home from school. I don't know how we would function if I was working also right now.

But...there are days when I miss my girlfriends, especially my best friend...my Mom!! I miss talking about "girl" things...you know...the things that you don't talk to "men" about. I miss those talks, those long intense talks, and the way that I felt when I was done talking. My mom was a great listener, she always had a positive look on life and when things were hard for me, my Mom would help me get through it. My Mom was the BEST!!!

There is a hole in my heart that just at times grows larger, and at time it feels like it's closing up a bit. Today it is WIDE open and my heart hurts. :(