Tuesday, March 23, 2010


So...the house has been on the market for 5 days so far. We have had 1 offer already, however it didn't work out...here's what happened: The house is on the market for $142,900, their offer was $135,000+washer/dryer (which was not on the list of appliances we are leaving), we countered with $140,000 with no washer (dryer can stay...we can't use it in Texas, it's gas, we need electric), the counter-counter offered with $138,000, we came back with $139,000 which was in between both offers, and was right in the middle of asking price and 1st offer...and it was the lowest we wanted to go, being the 1st day it was on the market. Well...that's where it ended. We heard nothing back from the buyers, nothing, not a darn thing...not even a "no, we will only go $138,000"...they didn't even put it back in our court and let us REALLY consider the offer. UGH!!! Then on Sunday at 4pm (4 hours after the offer ended) their realtor called our realtor and said her buyers were going to look at other houses...THANKS!!! And...this is the couple that knows friends of ours, they found the house, etc...we will be paying their realtor $4200...for what...opening the front door for them...OMG...that IRRITATES me!!!

So, now we are doing the whole...what the HELL did we just do?? I know in my heart we are still OK...it's only been on the market 5 days, it'll be OK. But, man would it have been nice to be DONE, not have to worry about the house being in "show status", etc. Well, that's it so far...we've had 4 showings...1 offer...and we still own the house. :) My goal is to be positive...it has been so hard the last couple of days, but I'm really trying!!

We still know nothing about the house in Texas. We are hoping by the end of the week we will know something. The sellers realtor is going to really push BofA...they keep saying that only a few more days, they have all of the paperwork, it's just reading it...come on darn it...read the paperwork. I hope that by the end of the week we'll know something. Keep your fingers crossed!!

That's it for now!!!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Packing and waiting...

So, the house is scheduled to go on the market on Monday, March 15th...yep, that's right...in 10 short days our house has to be ready!!! OMG!!!! Only 10 days?? Well, we've gotten a lot done, lots packed for garage sale, lots packed to go to Texas, but there is still LOTS to do. Jason and I made a list, but we keep adding to it each time we cross one off we add 2 or 3 more. I'm not so worried about actually putting it on the market, or about how long it will take to sell. I'm more worried about actually doing some "heavy" cleaning, and keeping the house looking spotless while it's on the market. That is very overwhelming and scary!!!

So, news on the house in Texas...NONE!! We put our offer in and the seller's accepted, however since it is a short sale it had to go to the sellers' bank to be accepted (basically they are wanting to sell it for less than they owe on it, so they will still be making "house" payments even though they won't be living in it). The sellers' are close to foreclosure, so they are wanting this to move through just as quickly as we do....but both sides are in a "waiting game" while the bank decides. There are LOTS of horror stories on the internet about short sales...and I think I've read A LOT of them, I got a bit "freaked out" earlier this week and I'm sure our realtor in Texas thinks we are crazy!! Oh well!!! This house is WONDERFUL, it is our DREAM house...but we HAVE to be patient!! Patience is not in my vocabulary. :) I know it will all work out if it's suppose to...but waiting is killing me!!!

We are all VERY excited about moving...that is everyone except my Mom. I'm hoping that she will come around before we leave so we aren't leaving on bad terms. I love my mom and I know she loves me, but the understanding of "why" we are doing this, she just doesn't want to accept. We'll see what happens with the hopes that everything will happen smoothly and everyone will understand WHY.