Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Girl Scout Cookies anyone??

We have to turn in our order form this Saturday...let me know if you want any!!! $3.50/box!!! Yum Yum!!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Disney...anyone??? Yes...The O'Connor's

We are going to Disney!!! I can't believe it!! We are leaving June 9th for 8 days and 7 nights. I can't wait to see the kids' faces when we are there. However, we are going to TRY to not tell the kids till we are in the van on the way up to Chicago to catch our flight!!! I have never been as excited as I am right now...well maybe I have...but this is so exciting!! OK...I'm off to bed...I just had to tell someone!!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Weekend update

So, another weekend is over and it had to have been one of the most relaxing, laid back weekends I can remember in a long time. Thursday I stayed home with the kids due to the snow day, and the fact that each of them had a Dr.'s appt. Jason took Bradley to the Orthodontist in the morning and then I took the other 2 over to Carle in Urbana for their yearly appts. James weighs 31 lbs and was 34 inches tall (60% in height and 80% in weight). Becca was 53 lbs and 46 inches tall (60% in height and 80% in weight)...omg they are so alike it's unbelievable. Becca didn't need any shots, so she just got a physical...she was very happy. When the Dr. came in she said she needed to look and see if either of them needed a shot...James piped up and said "I want shot", she told him that she may be able to accomodate that request. He had NO idea what "shot" meant. She looked him over and gave him the clean bill of health, but he did need to get a hepatitis A booster, so when she left the room to get the nurse to do the shot, James started crying again that he wanted a shot. The nurse came in and gave him his shot...he SCREAMED like bloody murder...poor baby!!! Later that night I asked if he wanted a shot...he said "NO SHOT". I think he gets it now. :)

Friday I went to work and the kids went to Belinda's, and then that evening we went to Sam's and over to my mom's for a while. Saturday we did NOTHING, Bradley and I went to Pages for all ages and bought some books and then to Walmart to pick out a new DS game for him, and then back home to watch the end of the Illini game. That evening I went to work for a while and then met the family over at my mom's again. We hung out and talked and had a good time. Sunday, Mom and I went shopping for a while and then Jason, the kids and I went back to Pages to look at books again (they were having a 40% off everything in the store sale) and then back over to Mom's for dinner. Monday we hung out in the house all day and then Becca and I took off to go to the resale shops in town because I had a 50% off coupon for one of them. It was a "mommy monday", and I got the kids some clothes for next winter and a few for James for the summer...REALLY cheap!!

Becca had gymnastics tonight, and she moved up to the "flips" class and did VERY well. She was very nervous that she wouldn't know anyone and she wouldn't be as good, but she was!! She also is in the same class as a friend of hers...which made it even better. We went to Mickey D's for dinner, came home, did baths, and bed!!! Yeah!!

We are ready for another week of work/ will be nice that this is a SHORT week!!!! Have a good one!!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Birthdays are OVER and we made it through!!!

OK...who said having your kids birthdays a day apart was fun?? It definitely wasn't me. I didn't want them to share the same birthday though, so...I guess I don't have anyone to blame except Jason and I, huh?? :)

We had our last "birthday" party with family this past weekend. It was a lot of fun. Jason's mom/dad/sister/brother and sister-in-law came and my parents/sister and brother-in-law/Uncle and Aunt and cousins/Decka and Noah came. It was fun, hectic, and crowded. I thought the Illini game started at 3:00, so I thought we will have it at 2:00, everyone can get here, get some snacks, open presents, settle in to watch the game and then do cake around halftime. Game started at 2:00, and most all the adults (which was everyone except 4 kids) was busy watching the game. It all worked out OK...the Illini won...not a whole lot of yelling at the's all good!!!

A couple of funny things that happened during the party came out of Noah's mouth (Sorry Decka...I have to repeat them, they are really cute). Becca opened a bead kit from Grandma/Grandpa O'Connor and Noah said, "I didn't know white girls wore beads!" The room erupted with laughter and Decka's face got VERY red. Then I was trying to figure out one of James' toys and Noah said "Here's how you do it", I said "Don't break it", and then he said "A Man's got to do what a Man's got to do!". I busted up laughing at him!!! He's too cute...and not shy at all!!!

Not a whole lot more is going on...we are leading a VERY boring week, the last 2 were so busy...this is kind of nice!!! Hope everyone has a good week!!!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Today was Becca's 6th birthday...I still remember the night she was it was a long night...but definitely worth it. Well, the morning started out good. I listened to the kids on the monitor and Becca waking up "cheery" (not a sound we hear everyday), telling James to tell her "Happy Birthday". It was cute!!! Then a quick morning and dropping James off before taking Becca and her cupcakes to school. After dropping her off, I cried the whole way to the van and the whole drive to work. Why?? Because this was the first year of her entire life that I didn't spend the ENTIRE day with her on her birthday. Is that CRAZY or what??!! I didn't want to miss any of her day, but she had to go to school and I HAD to go to work...oh to have the ability to stay home...the "what-ifs" of life. So, after school, my Uncle picked her up and took her to their house, they bought a cookie cake for her and got her a "small" gift (her "real" present she's getting from them on Saturday). They do TOO much for her...we wonder why she's spoiled!! :) After I picked her up we ran home to let the dogs out and get her gymnastics leotard and then went to Monicals for dinner with my parents and my sister. It was a lot of fun...she even got to eat off of the O'Connor Birthday Plate...she didn't know I brought it from home. Then off to gymnastics and then home for presents and cake. She really liked everything she got, and was not ready for bed...but went pretty easily...I think she was more tired than she thought.

Becca at Monicals eating off the "Birthday Plate"

Opening presents with Gee-ma and Pa-Pa

Opening presents from Gee-ma and Pa-pa

Becca and her cake

Birthday Kids

1 more party...and then we are done for a while!!! I had all of these big plans for 2 big cakes...however after eating cake 3 times this week, and throwing a lot of it away, I'm thinking I may do Rice Krispie treats with sprinkles or a couple big cookies, or something...I'm tired of looking at cake and eating it!! Oh what to do??? Well, hope you are all having a good week!!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Today was James' 2nd, where does the time go?? We got up, he opened 1 present and then we got Becca off to school (finally 2 of the 3 are out of the house again for most of the day). Then we got dressed and headed to Portrait Innovations for pictures. He was in a great, smiling, laughing mood until we walked into the studio and the camera came out. Then all he did was frown and looked very serious...we did get a couple of cute shots though. After pictures we went and got McDonalds and took it to my moms work and had lunch with "Meemaw". We stopped at the resale shop on our way home and got a few things for Becca for spring/summer and then came home to bake a couple of cakes. I got both cakes baked before Bradley and Becca came home from school, then we had to run to Sam's to get her cupcakes for school for her birthday tomorrow. Finally, we got home for the evening and had dinner, "Meemaw" came over, opened the rest of the presents and then had cake and ice cream. He LOVED blowing out the candles, so we had to sing about 6-7 times and let him blow out the candles each time....the things you do when you see your childs face light up. The Courtneys came over and brought James his presents and they visited for a little bit and then it was BEDTIME for everyone. The kids went down about 8:15 and were asleep by 8:25!!!

James, right out of bed with his new chair

Big sister "helping"...notice the shirt...I made it (sorry, Just excited about how "crafty" I am)!!!

New stool...cute shirt!!

Blowing out candles!!

Presents from the Courtney's

Becca is very excited about her birthday tomorrow...I'll post and let you know how that goes...I think it will be a bit busier!!!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

1 party down...3 to go!!

Well, Becca had her "kids" party today, and it seemed to be a success. I stressed about it all night last night and today...but it's done and now we are just relaxing.

Eating lunch

Making their pillowcases to take home

Opening presents

Delaney and Becca in front of her cupcakes (didn't I do a fantastic job decorating them!)

James woke up this morning acting "sick". I know that sounds funny, but he was...kind of. He seemed like he was going to throw up, numerous times, but he never did. No fever, just seemed like he was sick...who knows what was up. He did go over to Uncle Rick's for the party...Jason is picking him up, hopefully he was good and is feeling "back to normal". Bradley also went away for the party...he went with Belinda to the U of I Women's game, and isn't home yet, hopefully he was good also.

Becca had a great time at her party...she's running out of gas...she couldn't sleep last night, she was so excited. I think it was about 11:00 before James and her were asleep. The 2 of them sharing a room may not be the best. They seem to feed off of each other. Well, like I said...1 down and 3 more to go!!!