Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Today was James' 2nd birthday...wow, where does the time go?? We got up, he opened 1 present and then we got Becca off to school (finally 2 of the 3 are out of the house again for most of the day). Then we got dressed and headed to Portrait Innovations for pictures. He was in a great, smiling, laughing mood until we walked into the studio and the camera came out. Then all he did was frown and looked very serious...we did get a couple of cute shots though. After pictures we went and got McDonalds and took it to my moms work and had lunch with "Meemaw". We stopped at the resale shop on our way home and got a few things for Becca for spring/summer and then came home to bake a couple of cakes. I got both cakes baked before Bradley and Becca came home from school, then we had to run to Sam's to get her cupcakes for school for her birthday tomorrow. Finally, we got home for the evening and had dinner, "Meemaw" came over, opened the rest of the presents and then had cake and ice cream. He LOVED blowing out the candles, so we had to sing about 6-7 times and let him blow out the candles each time....the things you do when you see your childs face light up. The Courtneys came over and brought James his presents and they visited for a little bit and then it was BEDTIME for everyone. The kids went down about 8:15 and were asleep by 8:25!!!

James, right out of bed with his new chair

Big sister "helping"...notice the shirt...I made it (sorry, Just excited about how "crafty" I am)!!!

New stool...cute shirt!!

Blowing out candles!!

Presents from the Courtney's

Becca is very excited about her birthday tomorrow...I'll post and let you know how that goes...I think it will be a bit busier!!!

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Chad N Anne said...

Happy birthday to James!!! The shirt is adorable!