Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Today was Becca's 6th birthday...I still remember the night she was it was a long night...but definitely worth it. Well, the morning started out good. I listened to the kids on the monitor and Becca waking up "cheery" (not a sound we hear everyday), telling James to tell her "Happy Birthday". It was cute!!! Then a quick morning and dropping James off before taking Becca and her cupcakes to school. After dropping her off, I cried the whole way to the van and the whole drive to work. Why?? Because this was the first year of her entire life that I didn't spend the ENTIRE day with her on her birthday. Is that CRAZY or what??!! I didn't want to miss any of her day, but she had to go to school and I HAD to go to work...oh to have the ability to stay home...the "what-ifs" of life. So, after school, my Uncle picked her up and took her to their house, they bought a cookie cake for her and got her a "small" gift (her "real" present she's getting from them on Saturday). They do TOO much for her...we wonder why she's spoiled!! :) After I picked her up we ran home to let the dogs out and get her gymnastics leotard and then went to Monicals for dinner with my parents and my sister. It was a lot of fun...she even got to eat off of the O'Connor Birthday Plate...she didn't know I brought it from home. Then off to gymnastics and then home for presents and cake. She really liked everything she got, and was not ready for bed...but went pretty easily...I think she was more tired than she thought.

Becca at Monicals eating off the "Birthday Plate"

Opening presents with Gee-ma and Pa-Pa

Opening presents from Gee-ma and Pa-pa

Becca and her cake

Birthday Kids

1 more party...and then we are done for a while!!! I had all of these big plans for 2 big cakes...however after eating cake 3 times this week, and throwing a lot of it away, I'm thinking I may do Rice Krispie treats with sprinkles or a couple big cookies, or something...I'm tired of looking at cake and eating it!! Oh what to do??? Well, hope you are all having a good week!!!

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Chad N Anne said...

Happy birthday to Becca! I can't believe how quickly she is growing up!