Sunday, November 23, 2008

OK...I'm a slacker...SORRY!!

Well, Jason just told me today that I need to update my blog...yes...I know...I just don't have much of anything "new" to say, but we'll try.

We have been running into some issues in the AM with Becca of getting ready for school. She is just like me...hates mornings (unless it's the weekend, and then she's up at the crack of dawn). This past week we made a "chore" chart which lists all of the things she has to do in the morning before walking out the door for school. This past week was pretty good. One day we all slept in and she got up/dressed/Go-gurt for the walk and was out the door in 5 minutes. I hate mornings like that, but she did really well that day. We also started putting Becca and James to bed about 8:15...which helps when they go to sleep, there are nights where the 2 of them are talking till 9:15 or so...defeats the purpose of going to bed earlier. I have a feeling our morning problems will only get worse with the winter and NONE of us (James, Becca and I) wanting to get up in the morning. Oh well...we'll keep on doing what we're doing.

Jason and I are still going and talking with Michael Trout. He's really good and easy to talk to, but it is definitely not one of those things that he can "just fix Bradley". It is going to take a LOT of work and it may not help after all. However, We will do anything for him...we are not going to let him be one of those "lost kids". Michael has been giving us some things to read, listen to, a couple of "tips", etc, so that is pretty helpful.

So...on to me...does anyone else out there have those days/nights/weeks, etc where you just want to be "left alone"?? I love my husband, but I don't "need" him in the same ways that he "needs" me. When I have had a long, stressful day...I just want to go to bed...that's it...NO MORE. I know...too much info...but GEEZ...what does it take to JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!!! We have definitely not seen eye to eye on this subject for a while...and at times I feel that maybe I'm the only one in the WHOLE wide world that has this problem...PLEASE tell me I'm not!!! It has definitely been the cause for some disagreements in the last few weeks, and I am tired of that also!! UGH!!! OK...enough!!!

Well, we are slowly getting ready for Christmas around the house. I have all of my shopping done, except for my parents!! They are the hardest to buy for. I tried getting them to go out and shop for a new kitchen table (my mom has wanted one for a REALLY long time) and then my sister and us and them could go in on it together and it would be something that they needed/wanted, not just the stuff we try to get that they don't really need/want. So...I'll keep you posted, but I bet anything that we won't be going in together on a kitchen table. We are putting up our tree this coming Friday and then we are leaving Saturday morning to head up to Jason's parents/brothers' house. I am looking forward to the LONG weekend, but it will go by so FAST...I hate that.

Well...I'm going to end here...I'll keep you update (a bit better)!! Have a good (short) week!!! :)


Carla said...

You are too funny! I imagine Jason's idea of updating the blog was NOT what was in the 4th paragraph! :) I'm sorry, but I can't relate right now.....we BOTH are usually so worn out from the day of working and handling 2 toddlers that all we care about is sleep! If anything, I probably bug him more often due to those crazy pregnancy hormones raging through me! :)
Isn't it nice to be desired and wanted after all these years though? No need to answer... ;) I should shut up while I am ahead!
Hope you come to some kind of compromise......

Kim said...

We's just one of those wonderful times in life when SLEEP just seems SO much better. Wow...I am getting old... We also aren't trying to get pregnant anymore, and we worked SO hard on that for so many years...that kind of took the "fun" out of it too!! :)