Wednesday, September 9, 2009

R.I.P Duh

When I was in college I got dog, and then I quit school, and started working at a Vet Clinic. Along with that came an abundance of animals. At 1 time I had 2 dogs (Kirby and Buddy) and 2 cats (Roscoe and Frisco). I was working at a group home also in Charleston at the same time I was working at the Vet Clinic, and a friend of mine was moving apartments and couldn't keep her cat..."Duh", and she asked me if he could live with me for a while till she was able to take him to her parents. Well, months later I moved back to Urbana, and "Duh" came with me along with my menagerie of other animals.

I didn't name him...but MAN I love his name...I love that cat...and I will miss him greatly!!! He lived about 4 years longer than any of the other cats we had, and he has enjoyed himself being the "only cat" for the last 4 years. The last few months he has tried "escaping" as much as he could. He would squeeze out our garage door and "hang out" outside. He NEVER did this it was a bit weird. Oh well...whatever made him happy!!

So, now we are a "dog-only" family...weird!!! I don't know if we will stay this way, or if we will get another cat sometime...I guess time will tell!!!

R.I.P Duh...we love you!!!


Jen said...

RIP Duh! I wish you peace as you deal with Duh's passing.

Carla said...

it is so sad when a pet dies. thinking of you.