Friday, May 28, 2010

Long overdue post

So, this post is SO long overdue...sorry to those of you that read!!!

So, this morning we closed on our house here in Champaign...and it was COMPLETELY bittersweet!! Selling out house was the craziest thing we've done lately!! That house meant so much to me and our family and I was SO sick to my stomach leaving the bank that I thought I would be sick. I was brought home to that house after I was born, and my mom and I lived there with my grandparents and my Uncle until I was 5 years old. After my grandma died we had the privilege of buying the house...and I was able to bring my youngest home from the hospital to that house!! It was amazing and I was lucky to be able to do this. I always felt close to my Grandma while we were living there...I knew that she was our guardian angel and she was looking out for us. Will she still watch over us all in Texas?? Man...I hope so!!

The movers came on Wednesday to pack up our house, they were suppose to bring a semi to take it to store until they bring it to Texas on June 11th...however, they showed up with a 24 ft truck and laughed when they saw how much stuff we have. They ended up working for 14 hours that day and it took 2 trucks to get all of our stuff packed up. But they did it...finally!!! Cleaned the house and visited with family that came by on Thursday...which was really nice...and closed today. It's been a whirlwind of emotion and a lot of things have happened that I am still trying to take in.

We are in Champaign until June 9th, and then we make the trek down to Texas...and I don't know how I am going to do it!!! I am so scared to leave my mom. She is doing better, but the thought of not being able to see her whenever I want is so overwhelming. She is my BEST friend (beside Jason)...and I love her so much...I know we are just a plane ride away...but it's not the same. It is going to be so hard, but I am trying to keep it all in so the kids don't see how sad I really am. I want them to have everything in life...and this is such an amazing opportunity, I have to focus on the positive, and not the negative. That will be a new thing for me. :)

Kids are done with now we are just busy visiting people and "hanging" out. It's been GREAT!!!

My last day of work ended up being the 19th instead of the 21st. I took my mom to the Dr. on the 19th and he sent her immediately over to the hospital to be admitted, and I wasn't leaving her side. He was concerned about a cyst in her groin being's NOT, biopsy was negative!!! and he wanted a "filter" put in her groin because she has a blood clot in that area. She had the biopsy and the filter put in and she got to come home on Monday. :) Did I feel bad about not going back to work...NO!!! I miss the participants so much, and the Part time staff and Decka...but that's it!! The new boss was terrible and she made everyone feel like they weren't worth anything and that was really hard working for someone like her. I think the Champaign and Urbana Park Districts made a HUGE mistake hiring this person to be the Director of CUSR...but they didn't ask my It's nice not having to work and be under stress and deal with people that you don't want to. Oh well...that part of my life is done...and I'm glad!!

So...I will update again soon...however it might be after we are in Texas!! We'll see!!!


Carla said...

Thanks for the update! God luck with everything - look forward to future blog posts about your new adventure!

Jen said...

Happy Moving Day tomorrow! I hope it goes well. This is such an exciting time for you. What a great opportunity, just keep remembering that as you deal with your emotions. Thinking of you all!