Monday, May 19, 2008

First time

OK...Thanks to a few of our friends that have done this...we are going to try. However I feel that our news is going to be pretty boring compared to a lot of yours. We aren't having any more babies, our youngest is 16 months, etc...but maybe our family and friends will enjoy this. I am going to be winging this, so don't get too upset about not seeing how cute our family is with pics. I will, I'm sure get there sometime. Maybe even tonight if I have time.
Working in the evening though may put a bit of a damper on my blogging, but we will try. I love reading the blogs of others that we know, so now you will get the chance to stay caught up on our family. It may be fun...or it could be boring for you, either way...enjoy.
Just so you know a bit about us and where we are:
Kim- working at Champaign Urbana Special Recreation (CUSR) for the last 7 months and enjoying it. It wasn't much of a change from DSC, I am doing a lot of the same things and working with the same people which is really nice.
Jason- works at the U of I, doing research and he loves his job. Don't ask any details, it is WAY over my head, but if you want to know anything specific, I will let him blog his info to you. Bradley- 12 years old, 6th grader at Edison Middle School. Doesn't like school, never brings home homework, loves watching TV, Reading, and at times likes being a big brother.
Rebecca- 5 years old, knows EVERYTHING about everything. Will be going to kindergarten in the fall at Bottenfield (which is right down the street from us). You would think this child is a teenager the way she talks and acts.
James- 16 months old and the apple of his moms eye. I wasn't sure I wanted a boy, but omg...I love this little man. Walking, talking (some), and has his parents wrapped around his finger.
Quincy, Duh, Iggy, and Barry- Our dog, cat, and 2 lizzards.

That is the O'Connor clan...we have a lot on our plate everyday, but we LOVE it.

Welcome to our blog!!!

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The Carlson Family said...

Yea!! SO glad to see you hear and look forward to frequently check your blog.