Tuesday, May 27, 2008

James' first haircut

Well, I thought this was suppose to be more traumatic for the parents (or at least Mom), than the child, but James wanted nothing to do with his first haircut. The only part of the whole thing that was OK was first sitting on the stool and being able to see himself in the mirror. As soon as she came at him with the cape to put around him he started squirming and crying. We even tried a sucker to no avail. She did really well with him throwing himself around, screaming and crying, and drooling (for some reason) all over. WOW!!
Becca took the pictures, and even she couldn't keep him happy.
Well, we had a good holiday weekend. Jason leaves in the morning for Madison, WI., for a conference. His brother is getting married on Saturday, Bradley and Becca are in the wedding, it will be a busy couple of days. Then, I leave Sunday morning for Disney for work, which I am not looking forward to at all. I'm sure it will be fine once we get there...at least it is in the 90's down there. :)
I just wanted to let everyone know...James now at least looks like a "little man", hopefully nobody will ask me how old my girls are. I still am in awe that I had so many people ask me "how old is she". Even when he was dressed in blue/red/green...and I think he looks like a little boy in the face, not a little girl. We'll see!!!!

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