Tuesday, August 26, 2008

2nd day of school...

So, today was a much better day for me. Becca LOVED her first day of school, which made me feel so much better, knowing that she made some friends, got her hot lunch OK (she couldn't open her dressing for her salad though, and NO ONE was in the lunchroom- according to her...I think she just didn't want to eat it), loves her teacher, and was happy to see me when I picked her up. So, the second day comes around...she was still sleeping at 8:05, I had to wake her up again, she didn't eat any breakfast (eating breakfast doesn't make her brain work any better, it just fills up her tummy-according to her), but we did get out of the house on time. YEAH!!! 2 days in a row. However, when we got over by the baseball field on Broadmoor, she stopped, held up her hand and said she did not need me to walk her all the way to the door. Does she NOT understand that she may not need that...but I DO!!! I just about cried when she said that to me. She blew me a kiss (I made her give me a real one) and ran off to school. She waved every 10 feet until she got to the door and then went right on in. Talk about being INDEPENDENT...she has no idea what she is doing to me. :)
Well, each day should be easier and easier...I guess I will live. :)

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Carla said...

OMG! What a big girl! I can totally see me standing there when that happens with my mouth hanging open, wondering where my lil' girl went to.......oh the things I have to look forward to.....hold on tight to that lil' guy.....he'll be in the same place before you know it.....man! they grow up so fast!