Sunday, August 10, 2008

Birthdays, Anniversaries, tooth fairies, and fairs

Hi all!! Bradley celebrated his 13th birthday on, this is the 7th birthday we have celebrated with him...where does the time go?? I think he had a good day. Jason and I took him out for lunch to Cheddar's and then to see "The Dark Knight". We had dinner at our house with my parents, Uncle Rick and family, Aunt Katie, and Grandma (my mom). He got quite a few presents and quite a bit of money...he wants Rock Band...we are trying to hold off till Guitar Hero's World Tour comes out...we'll see.
On Thursday, Jason and I went out for dinner and to a movie for our Anniversary (it's the same day as Bradley's B-day, but we usually celebrate on another day, so he can have "his day". My mom watched our kids...we were SO grateful for this. We went to Biaggi's and to see "Step-brothers". It was a pretty good movie. After the movie we went to Meijers to get food for dinner for the following night...we were shopping at midnight...I don't think we have done that for about 7+ felt REALLY weird. Jason gave me a beautiful ring and I gave him a money clip that is engraved with a $10 bill, 2-$5.00 bills, and 10- $1.00 bills in it...since it was our 10 year anniversary. He can't wait for our 20th...he will get A LOT more money.
Tooth Fairies...YES, Becca lost her 1st tooth on Bradley's birthday, and the tooth fairy brought her $2.00. Remember back in the day when the tooth fairy only brought 25 cents...inflation!!! She he has another loose one and will probably lose it sometime this week.
I took a group to the fair for an was a lot of FUN. Yes, believe it or not...we had a good group and everyone was on their best behavior. It was probably all of the threats of not being able to go on another overnight with me...oh worked. No really, we had beautiful weather, everyone got along, and everyone had a great time. What more can you ask for??
We are taking the kids back over to the fair tomorrow for an overnight. They are looking forward to it. They really enjoy spending the night in hotels, and swimming in the pools. Bradley is not a big fan of the rides, so it will just be Becca and James on the will still be fun though...or at least we are hoping...we'll see...I'm sure I will have something to post when we get back on Tuesday night.
Well...have a great week...enjoy these last few weeks of summer...can you believe it's almost over?? :)

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