Thursday, March 19, 2009

We really are still alive!!!

Well, it's been almost a month since I posted last. Sorry!! What's been going on...

Bradley- had a 90 minute meeting at school that pretty much was exactly what we expected. We had gotten his new "diagnosis" so we thought we would be able to get his IEP back with an "ED" diagnosis. Yeah...he didn't get it. I have not been so pissed off for a long time. He is SO behind in social skills (he has no friends, has never gone to a birthday party, doesn't talk about anybody at school, etc)...he really needs some social skills training. They are going to modify his 504, which I just about laughed my ass off when I heard them say this. He is suppose to have already been getting social skills training...they are just going to work at it a bit harder. Are you serious?? My biggest fear is that he has 1 year left before he goes to high school, and then he will pretty much get lost in the crowd. It is so important to help him RIGHT NOW, there isn't 1 person on his "team" that could look at me and tell me that they think he will be OK. UGH...Unit 4 school district SUCKS when you have a child that has a disability, but doesn't have a BIG enough disability. You can only advocate for your child for so long before you just get tired of getting screwed over.

Becca- had her parent teacher conference tonight. She is reading at a middle of the year 1st grader (she's in kindergarten). Her math skills are VERY high also. Her only problem right now is that she is being a bit defiant. She gets up from carpet time and goes over to the sink or her cubby or wherever she wants when she is not suppose to. She always has an excuse to have gotten up, but it's never a "real" reason. I am wondering if she is bored. We talked about it a lot tonight when we got home, so we will see if Spring Break will help.

James- is pooping pretty much all the time on the potty. He asks to go sit on his potty and he also asks to go to the bathroom when we are out at restaurants or wherever else. Peeing is another story...he doesn't have that "feeling" under control yet. He did get into Faithful Friends preschool next year, in the 5 day program, so we are pretty excited about that. I think it will be really good for him to be around kids his own age.

I am still enjoying my van...and it's clean...which is even better. We are going to High School Musical on ice tomorrow night!!! We are also going to try to go to the free movie on Saturday morning. Sunday we are driving down to my grandma's in southern illinois. Next Friday we are going up to Arlington Heights to a waterpark/hotel with the Courtneys. The kids are very excited about this. I am excited about going to IKEA!!!

Nothing else really going on here. Work, work, and more work!!! Hope all is well with everyone...have a GREAT Spring Break!!

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