Saturday, October 10, 2009

Mom's surgery

Wednesday, October 7th, had to have been the longest day of my life.

Katie and I didn't go to the hospital with my Mom and Kent, we showered and then headed over and got there about 6:00am. She was in the pre-op room already, so we just hung out in there and watched some TV while the Dr's came in to see her. They took her back at 7:30 and said they would call us with updates.

We went down to the surgical waiting room and waited for the first phone call. The nurse called at 8:30 and said that she was under, her body was prepped and they were starting the first part of the surgery. Dr. Johnson had told us the first part would be checking the lymph nodes in the groin and up near her kidney. If the nodes up near her kidney were cancerous he would cancel the surgery, that would have meant that the cancer had spread too much. We waited and waited on that phone call telling us if the surgery was continuing. About 10:30 the nurse called back and said that Dr. Johnson was almost done with his part: hysterectomy/vulvectomy. I asked about the lymph nodes and the nurse said that he had taken about 6 nodes out and all he knew was 1 was positive and 1 was negative. I asked where the positive one was and explained about how Dr. Johnson had said he would cancel the surgery if 1 was positive...he said it must all be good because he went ahead with surgery. That was the biggest relief of the day.

We got phone calls from the nurses every 2 hours for the rest of the day. Each of the Doctors except Dr. Johnson had come out after their part and said how well surgery was going and they were very pleased with how well she was handling it. About 5:00 the nurse called and said Dr. Johnson was finishing up and he thought he would be done by 6:30. Well, 6:30 came and went and then of course we went into panic mode again. At 7:30 (12 hours of surgery) Dr. Johnson came out and said "Divine intervention was on her side today, she did Great!!" I don't think he thought that the nodes around her kidneys had cancer in them, but I think it was in the back of his mind that they might. We then waited another 2 hours till they got her moved up to ICU, then we headed up there to tell her we loved her and we would see her in the morning. She was alert and shook her head after we each told her how great she did and that we loved her.

I always knew my mom was strong, and this proved how much!! I am so proud of her and SO glad that the cancer is out of her body and we are on the road to recovery. I love her SO much!!!


Jen said...

Glad to hear it went as well as it could. I followed your facebook postings that day religously and was thinking of you guys. I hope recovery goes well. Thinking of you.

Carla said...

Hope things gets better from here on out! Cherish the moments you have with your momma