Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Somedays it's unbelievable

Sometimes I just sit there and say to myself, "Is she really gone? She can't be. It's all been a dream, right?" Unfortunately it's not a dream. My heart is still broken, however I feel OK. I can't say that I feel good, or I'm handling things great...I'm pretty much just OK.

I did have a dream and she was in it last night...it was the first time since she's passed away...and it was so amazing and seemed so real. Oh how I would LOVE to see her again, to talk to her again, to hug her again, to kiss her again...oh how much I would love to just tell her "I love you MOM!!"

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Carla said...

i hear so many people say this kind of thing YEARS after their parents die. I guess life goes on, but one never stops missing their loved ones and wishing they could share things with them. I am glad you are doing okay.