Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Onto Birthday Parties...

Christmas is over and now we are onto birthday parties!!! James will be 3 on January 6th and Becca will be 7 on January 7th (her golden birthday). I don't have babies anymore...it's so SAD!!! We are going to celebrate just us as a family on their actual birthdays and then each one will have their individual birthday party with family/friends and Becca will have an extra party for her and her friends. It is a busy month, but it is so wonderful celebrating my MIRACLES. Every year about this time I remember the words out of the Doctors mouths and the Geneticist's mouth "you should look into adoption or Donor eggs". Yep, that's what they said. Look at us now...we are celebrating birthdays. OMG...what would I do if we would have stopped trying...I wouldn't have these 2 beautiful children. Well, I'd better get off and keep planning these parties and maybe post some Christmas pics. Happy New Year to you all!!!!

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