Monday, January 4, 2010

James' birthday party

On Saturday we had James' birthday party with family and friends. It was a great night. We had pizza, breadsticks, cake, ice cream and drinks. James enjoyed everyone being here, got some great presents and had a good time playing. Jason and I had a good time "hanging" out at home with our wonderful friends and family!! Here are a few pics and I'll try to upload a's cute!!
Cheesin' for the camera!!

Opening presents with great concentration

He got "tickets" otherwise known as money

More presents

Wearing his "Wobble Goggles"...from Imagination Movers

Wearing his goggles like Scott does on Imagination Movers

Fake smile with his cake

Blowing out candles

Both kids have their birthdays this week so we will be celebrating at home with just us and Gee-ma and Papa, and then Becca's family party is next Saturday with her kid party on the 16th...busy time here at the O'Connor house. :)

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Jen said...

Happy birthday James. Can't imagine havign two parties in a row. You guys must be busy.