Wednesday, January 27, 2010

2 weeks....

2 weeks till possibly the biggest change in my life. OMG...I can't believe it. Right now the U of I is pretty much off the table, and the job in Texas is looking better and better every day, at least in Jason's "professional" eyes. If we could pick up my Mom, my Uncle and his family, and my sister and move them ALL to Texas...I would be completely happy!!! The kids are looking forward to visiting Texas and the possibility of moving there. I, on the other hand go back and forth every minute of every day. I think it will be a good move for our family. It will make us stronger as a family and it's a GREAT opportunity for Jason and his career. I can't tell him to not take this opportunity, I have to be positive and supportive, and I am trying...real hard!!

1 good thing that will happen if we move, is I will have the entire summer to be home getting the house in order, and the kids and I will be together. They won't have to go to camp or go to a "babysitter", etc. We will also be looking at preschools for James. That right now is a worry that I have, the other 2 will be in school, and we are looking at houses in the school district that was referred to me and I have a list of "exemplary and recognized" schools that we are looking at houses in those neighborhoods. I actually have my eyes on 2 houses, both are about a block from the elementary school and a few blocks from the High School. 1 of them is about $20K less than the other...and is the one that I like the best~online~ so we are hoping to see them while we are down there in a couple of weeks.

Our hopes are that Jason won't have a start date till May...don't know if they will hold off that long, but we are hoping. That way we could purchase a house, he could move into it with a few belongings. While he is there and we are here I am hoping that he will paint (not his favorite thing to do AT ALL) and fix up any thing that needs to be done. After the kids get out of school we would then all move down there the first week or so of feels SO far away, but actually looking at the's not a whole lot of time. life is possibly changing...will it be better?? We shall see~~

Anyone know of anyone that is looking to purchase a house???????? :)

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