Thursday, November 11, 2010

In and out of hospital and nursing home

When we left to move to Texas, Mom was admitted into the hospital and was there for about a week. She then went home and started chemo which took a lot out of her. We came home on July 2nd and she was home with us during that entire month. When we were about to leave she was admitted back into the hospital the day before we were leaving because she was anemic. She was there for about another week, and then she had to go to a nursing home for rehab.

They got her into Heartland on Springfield Ave., on the rehab floor. She seemed to get a lot better, she started eating a lot better, they also had her on TPN (IV nutrition) and she got up and out of bed a lot to do rehab. She rode a bike, did arm exercises, etc. She sounded SO much stronger on the phone...I was so impressed with how she was doing. They then started chemo again and she did pretty well with that. They went over to the clinic for chemo once a week. She also started radiation again on the area in her groin since the cancer had spread to her thigh and was going into the bone...which was the 3rd time for chemo in that area. Which they usually don't do it that much, usually only once, maybe twice, but never 3 times.

She was there maybe 2 weeks and found out she had a large fissula and a couple smaller ones down in her groin area. She had gotten up to go to chemo and a large amount of fecal matter came out through these fissulas and they immediately sent her to the ER. In the ER they immediately said she had to go back over to Springfield to see her Dr. over there to have immediate surgery. So...they loaded her up in the ambulance to go over there. She was there about 10 days before we could get her back over to Champaign and back into the hospital there. They were not able to keep her in the hospital for hospice, so she had to go to the nursing home or home to die. We knew that we would not be able to care for her and her fissulas (they had gotten so bad...the nurses had never seen anything like hers before) she went back to the nursing home and was there for 13 days before she went to heaven. No one should ever have to go through what she did...but she knew that the hospital was where she needed to be when she was so weak and sick. In and out, in and poor mom spent more time in the hospitals in the last year than ever before in her entire life. The wonderful thing...her nurses were AMAZING!!! They cared for her and loved her so much. I have never seen a nurse hug and kiss their patients...but they did with my Mom. She was blessed to have them.

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