Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Update on me...again.

So, on Friday I went to the Dr. and she thought a lot of my problems and issues sounded like depression (that's what we thought and that's why I was there), so she wanted to test my thyroid and see if those results were off, it hadn't been checked in a while. If my thyroid was normal, than they would start me on a mild anti-depressant. So, friday afternoon I call to get my test results about 4:30, knowing that I probably wouldn't get them, but hoping I would. I got the person that answers the phone at Carle and asked for the nurse...of course you all know that you can never just talk to the nurse. She said she would have the nurse call. So at 4:45 I called back, knowing that I would get the same lady or another just like her...the message was still on the computer, but she hadn't had time to call me back, but she noticed that they mailed me my results, which was very helpful since I was to start a new med. So, I called back at 4:58...I'm sure they like people like me. I explained my case to her telling her that I needed to talk to the nurse so they could get my prescription called in so that I could get started on it, since the Dr. said it would take probably 6-8 weeks to feel any difference. So, the lady answering the phones tells me that it is 4:59, but she will try to get the nurse. She called back to the nurses station, but of course, no one answered and they were all gone for the weekend. So she gave me to Patient advisory nurse, that of course can't tell you test results...oh so helpful!!! She said she could page the Dr. on call and he/she could deal with it...I said forget it, I will just wait till Monday.
So, Monday morning I called back and the nurse of course had to return my call...an hour later. My thyroid was normal, which I figured since they mailed me my results, so they were going to prescribe the new med (which I knew and wished I was able to start 3 days prior). I had them call it into Target pharmacy. So...I go to Target about 2 hours later to pick it up...they have to order it, and it will be ready on Tuesday afternoon. UGH!!! So, I get the number to Walgreen's on Springfield to have it transferred to them (since their pharmacy is open 24 hours, I think that might come in handy sometime), they said they could do it, but it would be about an hour or more before I could pick it up...That's fine, I told them. So after lunch and a trip to the park I go to the Walgreen's on Kirby/Neil...they can't find my prescription...about 2-3 minutes, I remember that I sent it to the Walgreen's on Springfield...I get the persons attention, I tell him what I did, he apologized to me (which I thought was funny since it was totally my fault)...and off I went to the other Walgreen's. They have it ready, and since it was a new prescription that was transferred I didn't have to pay anything.
I called Jason and told him "This had better be the best medicine in the world for all I have had to go through to get it" It was quite the ordeal to get these "magic pills"...I hope they work, we'll see. I have taken 2 and haven't had any side effects that I know of.
So, that's that...we'll see what happens...my only concern now is when do you stop them, and when do you know you are OK and don't need them anymore. That's what's worrying me now...I don't want to take them forever if I don't need them...we'll see.
Thanks to all of you for your support, I really appreciate it!!!

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Carla said...

Several years ago, I took a mild anti-depressant. It was interesting that one day, I simply noticed I felt better...no sudden, obvious results....I took it for at least a year, I forget how long exactly. After I met Brian, my life became more stable and I discontinued them. Like I said before, I wonder how I will feel after all my pregnancies and nursing are done. I hope I will not need anything. Hope this helps and your spirit improves.