Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day weekend...part 2

So, we had a pretty good weekend. We didn't do a whole lot, hung out around the house, took the boys to Prairie Farms, had family over, went to a Labor Day parade, and celebrated my birthday. Becca was not in most of the pictures because she was at my moms all weekend. Bradley is not in a whole lot because he's a "teen", and when he is home with us he is usually in his room.

Friday night, had my mom and uncle over for a fire in the firepit. Becca ended up going to my mom's to spend the night (just like most other weekends). Saturday we hung out in the house and then took the boys to McDonald's and Prairie Farms. James had a good time seeing the animals. After that we went home and I had to go to work. I had an End of Summer Dance at Hessel Park. It went really well...and I'm glad it's over. After the dance we went over to my moms and watched the end of the Illini game. Becca stayed the night, again. Sunday, we went to Sam's, Jason grilled out, and my mom, aunt and uncle, and stepdad came over for another fire. We have been having a lot of fires because we had a tree in the back cut down and it was full of termites, so Jason is trying to get all of the wood burned so we will be rid of the termites.
Becca had Grace over for a sleepover Sunday night and we went to the Labor Day parade over in Urbana. We had lunch over at the park, the kids played on the inflatables, and then we came home. We then head over to my moms for dinner to celebrate my birthday (since I will be in Oregon next week during my birthday). We had a really good dinner, and the kids helped (A LOT) blowing out the candles. James did not understand that he could not touch the candles and everytime my mom lit the candles he blew them out. The one picture you see of him crying is because I was holding him back from blowing out the candles while everyone sung "Happy Birthday".

On another note: We got a new air conditioner and furnace. YEAH!!! The AC and furnace we had was about 35 years old (we crossed our fingers everytime we turned it on). So, we are really excited about this...the things you get excited about when you get's scary.

Well, I leave for a conference on Thursday morning and won't return till late Sunday night...and I probably won't get another post done before post next week!! :)

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