Sunday, September 14, 2008


Well, my trip to Eugene Oregon was really nice. I dreaded going..."who would want to go to Oregon??"...I kept asking myself. We had 2 nice, long traveling days (Indy to Dallas/Fort Worth to Portland to Eugene there, and Eugene to Seattle to Chicago to Indy) with 2 beautiful days in Eugene. The weather was beautiful, the town itself was different than Champaign/Urbana, the University of Oregon is in Eugene, however the campus is on the outskirts of the town, unlike the U of I . We saw things that I guess I just haven't seen in Champaign...lizards and rabbits and ferrets walking down the street with their owners, a HUGE market that makes the one in Urbana look teeny tiny, their downtown looked like a residential area-offices were in old houses, etc...that was pretty cool. Anyways, I had a good time and the conference was pretty good also. It definitely was the best conference in the way of food, they fed us so well. They had a lot of salmon, which I love and huge buffets with REALLY good food. I did miss the family, but having a king size bed to myself with "quiet" in my room...was nice!! It was also nice getting home and getting my birthday present from the kids. They made me a stepping stone with their hand prints in it with mosaic tiles around it and their names and the date...very cute!! I guess Jason does listen when I "hint" what I want. :)

I think this is Mt. St. Helen's from the plane (that's what someone else said on the plane and we saw it right after we left Seattle)...through the clouds...whatever mountain it's cool.

Out the hotel window...seeing mountains isn't something we see everyday.

I was so excited about shopping at the Duck Store..."Go Ducks"

We had a garage sale this past week...we got rained on, on Friday, so I think we are going to do it again next weekend...getting rid of all of our junk is our main goal...but the extra money is nice also. It will be nice after next weekend, we can put our house back together since we have totes/boxes, etc all over waiting for what we are going to end up keeping or what we are going to take to goodwill.

Becca is LOVING school, and looking forward to Youth Club starting at the church next to Bottenfield. Gymnastics is also going pretty well, she gets discouraged that she can't do a cartwheel, but she is practicing a lot, so I'm hoping she gets it soon. She did lose another tooth, and her top 2 front teeth are loose, so she may be asking Santa for 2 new teeth for Christmas. She already knows she wants a Nintendo DS for Christmas...that's it...nothing else. At least that is what she is saying. I keep telling her that if she gets that...she's not getting much more since they cost so much. She says that's fine, however I already know on Christmas morning it would not be "fine".

Bradley is doing OK in school so far. He goes this coming Friday to the Child diagnostic clinic at Carle. His doctor thinks he may have Aspergers, so they are going to have him do this clinic to see what they find. We go at 7:45 in the morning and we get done at noon...long day...hopefully we will have some answers when this is over. We/he meets with an OT, Speech Therapist, Psychologist, and Doctor...he will meet separately with them and then we will meet with them (or at least that's what I think is going to happen).

James is James. Not a whole lot different. He is definitely trying to talk more and is putting multiple words together. He "sings" twinkle twinkle and knows the ABC's or at least he knows the rhythm of those songs. He is so's unbelievable (I guess I'm suppose to say that aren't I...I am his mother)

Well, thanks to all the rain today we have water in our basement, our backyard is flooded, and Quincy hates to go out in the rain...YUCK!!! Well, I'd better help get the kids in bed...another weekend over and I didn't do much more than the garage sale...our house is a mess and I don't feel like picking anything up or doing a whole lot...I hate that feeling. I am home tomorrow, maybe I will feel more ambitious...we'll see. :)

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