Thursday, October 9, 2008

Bradley update and Backyardigans

Well, I heard back from Mr. Trout and we (Jason and I) go on October 21st to meet with him. It will be a 75 minute consultation where he will get to know us, Bradley (from our side and the report from the CDC), and he will talk to us about how Bradley's brain works the way it does. We are VERY excited to go and talk to him. He doesn't think Bradley would benefit from talking with him, so we may have to get him into therapy through Carle to work on some of the issues...I guess we will wait and see what Mr. Trout suggests and go from there.

Carle also sent out the report, so I can get the names/numbers of the social worker/OT/etc. to get Bradley some evals from each of them so we can get him into therapy with each of them. It totally sounds like so much, but we are ready and willing and want to get Bradley the help he needs. Yeah!!

I took Becca and James to the Backyardigans on Tuesday...if any of you remember our horror story from the show in Bloomington...this was A LOT better. Both of them did really well and enjoyed it immensely. James was SO much better than I thought he would be. He sat in his seat the ENTIRE first half, and then pretty much most of the second, however fell off and hit his mouth on the seat in front of us, cut his tongue and bleed profusely. Never fails. Good thing this was at the very end of the performance and we left pretty much after that.

Well, that is the exciting news of the week. I do have pictures of the kids at the Backyardigans...hopefully I will get them on soon. I'll keep you updated about Bradley and our therapy.

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