Sunday, October 5, 2008

weekend update

Well, it has been a beautiful weekend, and the kids have enjoyed playing outside. Saturday I had to work over at the Youth Literature Fest on the South Quad, so Jason and the kids came and hung out with me all day. They had activities for the kids, puppets, bands, storytellers and such. We had a good time.

James and Becca at the Youth Literature Fest

After that we came home for naps and the Illini game...GO ILLINI!!! When everyone got up/game ended we headed out to the mall. Jason, Bradley, Becca and James all got their hair cut, then we ate at the food court, and then left to go visit with my mom/stepdad for a little bit. She was home with bronchitis...again.

If you look in the background, you will see all 3 kids were getting their hair cut at the same time.

Sunday we woke up late, the kids and Jason left for CCD class and James and I stayed home and hid clues for a scavenger hunt. We are trying to figure things out that Bradley and Becca can do together to help "build" that relationship. They thought it was pretty cool, but the clues were too easy, and they want to do it EVERY weekend. The last clue said something like "We're so glad you worked as a team, you have earned a trip to go out for ice cream". So, we went to the Illini Soccerfest and had lunch, played on the inflatables, watched some of the game (we aren't big soccer fans, so this was something new for us), and then went to DQ for some ice cream.

When we got home James laid down for a nap, the older 2 took Quincy on a walk, I continued to do some laundry (it never ends, does it?), Jason mowed, and then we just hung out. It has been a nice relaxing weekend.

I have enjoyed this weekend with the kids, even Bradley. There have been some times when I have had to bite my tongue so I don't yell at him, but overall he has been really good and it feels good to do things as a family and see all 3 kids have a good time. Bradley has been very talkative and wants to be out of his room and hanging out with us (which is a new one for us). We didn't tell him what the doctors told us, but it seems that since WE found out, he has been a different kid and it has been OK hanging out with him. We are doing our best to tell him when he is making good choices and when we are proud of him for making those choices and that we trust that he will continue. A lot of the treatment is going to be our conversations with him and not yelling/screaming at him when he really screws up. I feel that we are off to a good start, my only fear is that when we finally get to go in and see this new therapist he will say we are doing everything wrong. We are doing the "nurtured heart approach", so I don't think we are wrong and actually a lot of the stuff we have been doing are things that they recommend, so we are learning about ourselves the same times we are learning about Bradley.

James has been curling his tongue ALL the time, and I finally got some pictures they are.

Well, another weekend is almost doesn't seem fair that we have to work for 5 days, and only get 2 to relax. OH WELL!!!

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