Thursday, July 9, 2009

James and Preschool

So, James got into all day preschool!! Yeah!! It is about 9 months earlier than we really needed, but if we waited we may not have a spot when we needed it in May 2010. So, he is going to First Methodist in Downtown Champaign. I was very excited when I got the call today. My mom took Becca and James to Toys r Us to get their new backpacks...James could not decide. He had a Handy Manny, Spiderman, Wonder Pets, Backyardigans, Mickey Mouse, Cars, etc, etc, etc...he finally chose Cars and got a lunch box too (he won't use it, but it was free). He is very excited about going to Preschool at his own school, not Becca's old school, or Grace's preschool. We go visit on Monday, so I'm going to take pictures of him there and post.

Even though today was a relief to know that he got in, I did have to tell Belinda, and that was very hard. She has watched our kids since they (Becca and James) were both 6 weeks old. So, I did pretty good telling her, but then called her back to tell her I'm sorry for breaking the news on the phone, talked to Tod and found out that she cried when she got I started sobbing after I got off the phone with him. I know James is ready for preschool, and I know that this will be a positive thing for him...but it was still VERY hard. I'm glad that our families are such good friends, so we will "hang out" often!!

So a bittersweet moment that was going to happen sometime, has happened!!!

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Jen said...

I bawled for a few days when we ended our week arrangement with Sara and we have only worked with her for only two years. Belinda and Sara are very special people. It is hard to let them go. I guess that is what friendship is for.