Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Do you ever wonder "why"??

This morning has been one of those mornings where I have been thinking a lot about "Why??" Why are we were we are right now? Why do I go to work everyday?? Why do I worry about what others think? Why do we never get a break?? Why is Bradley's spine curving, and he might have scoliosis? Why is he the way he is? Why does he still sneak?? Why is Becca so much like me, it's scary? Why does she continue to have ear infections and will they replace her tubes?? Why does she act 13 already?? Why is James here? (Not that I wish he wasn't, it's just we went through SO much to get Becca here and did so much once I was pregnant to keep her safe, and we didn't do ANY of it with makes me wonder Why?) Why is he the cutest, smartest 2 year old I know?? Why did God want 7 of my babies before we were ready to give them to him?? Why are we living in Champaign still? Why are we in my Grandma's house? Why is Jason still trying to get a job so we can stay here? Why do I love my husband, but have a hard time showing it? Why do I get so upset with him and hold grudges? Why do I have crazy ups and downs? Why?? Why?? Why??

I have many more...but don't have all day to sit here and ponder them all. Oh well...that's where my mind is right now!!!! :)

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Carla said...

Thanks for the comment on the sweet pea blog! Hope you are well!