Friday, July 17, 2009


This week:
- I got a new washer this week for our 11th anniversary!!
- James got into all-day Preschool, starting in August.
- Bradley just finished FCA camp...and really enjoyed himself.
- Bought Becca's school supplies, still have to get Bradley's
- worked 4 days this week, have to work tomorrow 2-11, taking a group to a pool party in Decatur.
- Played softball this week and won.
- Becca had swim lessons this week and next. She LOVES the water!!
- Quincy (the dog) was sick again this week...ugh...pets!!!

- School registration in 18 days.
- I start working monday-friday August 24th.
- James starts all day preschool on August 24th
- Not looking forward to August 24th.
- Bradley and Becca start school August 20th.
- Going to the Drive in on Thursday to see "Harry Potter"
- Doing lots of laundry...just because I like to use my new washer. :)
- trying to clean house thoroughly so that it is CLEAN...and easier to keep clean.
- Enjoying my family, because I realize everyday how lucky I am to be able to share their lives.

That's what's gone on and what will be going on!!! Have a fabulous weekend!!!!

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