Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Disney: It can't get any worse...can it??

OK, so I know all of you out there thought I was going to Disney for a vacation for work...boy were you wrong. Here is the run down of how our week in Florida was:
The other staff and I show up at the airport to get ready for all of our participants, they aren't to be there for another 1/2 hour. However when we get there, 3 participants are already there. Then we get everyone checked in and ready to go through security...we are missing 1...what do we do...she finally showed up 5 minutes before boarding. We started with 15 total...will we get home with 15?? Can it get any worse??

Oh yes...the radio was out in the plane, so we sat in the airplane for a while waiting on them to get it fixed, watching our watches because we didn't have a lot of time in between flights. Our flight to Dallas was very bumpy...lots of turbulence, but everyone handled it pretty well. We got to Dallas and they had a bus there to take us over to our connecting flight...boy if they hadn't had done that, there was NO way we would have made our connecting flight. Still have 15. So, off we were to Orlando...can it get any worse??

We got to Orlando, on the Magical Express, and to our hotel...no problems. We went to get some lunch at the resort and got back and then left to go to Epcot. We were late for our reservations for dinner and they would not seat us till we were all there...the restaurant was at the back of the park, so it took us a LONG time to find it. We ate and then watched the fireworks and headed back to the resort. When we got back we found out one of the staffs' luggage didn't make it. Wait, hold on, it did... it was in the wrong room. 15 still. Can it get any worse??

Not going to go day to day, so YES it can get worse. Between the stress of flight, Japanese food, the heat, etc...we had to deal with some things that we did not plan on. That was a bit stressful on the whole group. Never mind that one of the participants didn't bring more than 2 outfits for the 7 day trip, or that 4 out of the 12 really needed wheelchairs (and there were only 3 staff), or that we ended up having to do laundry at the resort multiple nights, or that the heat was unbearable and not everyone was expecting it, or handled it very well, or that NO ONE took the extra drink at breakfast (bottled water) for later on in the day when they were thirsty, etc......However we still have 15.

I could go on and on. So, now we are heading back, we leave 1 carry on bag on the bench at the resort and have to call to see if it can meet us at the airport...it did...Thank goodness!!! We have to hover at Indy on our way to Chicago because there is a storm, our flight from Chicago to Champaign is postponed and changes gates, so we are all on our LAST nerve...but we made it. Still with 15 in tow.

Staff worked 16+ hour days for 7 days straight...dealing with things that were NOT pleasant...did we have fun...OF COURSE!!! You have to when you are at Disney, don't you?? But, it was definitely more than a VACATION!!! Will I do it again??? Give me a while and I will answer that question.

So, that was my week away from my family...Boy, I'm GLAD to be home!!!

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The Carlson Family said...

Wow! Sounds a little stressful, but you know the consumers loved it. I have heard similar stories from Mike from his days of special rec trips. Welcome back and hope you can rest up.