Thursday, June 26, 2008

Update on me.

So after reading everyone's advice, I called the Dr's office yesterday and got an appointment for that is where we are with that. I feel that it was a big jump for me, admitting to a "professional" that I don't feel quite right... I knew I was in trouble when she asked if I felt like hurting myself or others. So Jason and I both researched some on PCOS and what it can do to your body, and found some things out, but not a whole lot about how to treat it after child bearing years. Most of the research is done on how to get pregnant with PCOS, not what does it do to your body when you are done having kids. Anyways, it can cause some irritability, mood swings, and some depression related to self-image. Maybe this is the cause of some hormonal imbalances...who knows. I am hoping that my Dr. will know something about PCOS and not just push it to the side and just put me on meds. I don't want to mask the problem, I would love to know why this is happening and do the correct treatment. PCOS also can cause women to develop Type 2 diabetes by the time they are 44...maybe some of that is happening (I'm not 44 yet).
Anyways...that is where we are, hopefully by next week sometime we will know what is going on and what my treatment will be. I just want to feel "good" and enjoy my family!!

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Carla said...

Hope the right treatment plan is chosen and you start feeling better.
I understand about just wanting to enjoy your family. I have a wonderful husband, beautiful, fun kids, a great support system and am still left wondering at times why I am not happier than I am. Look forward to hearing about the outcome.