Friday, June 20, 2008

Kids...what's wrong with them???

Well, I just got back from taking James back to Convenient Care...he's fine by the and dad are just CRAZY!!!! or at least that's what I think the Dr.'s are thinking there. He has been REALLY fussy all week, if you aren't holding him he's screaming his head off. He hasn't eaten a whole lot this week, and the Dr.'s weren't concerned about his appetite as long as he was drinking fluids, but he lost over a pound and a half in 6 this a concern?? They looked in his ears and did another strep test, but everything looked fine and came back we have no idea what is going on. We keep thinking (or hoping) maybe he is cutting teeth. If so, I wish they would just come in because it is totally wearing us out. Not sure when he is to cut his eye teeth (don't know if that is what they are called or not...those pointy ones). I keep seeing kids that look about his age and they have all 4 of those pointy ones...James has none. Hopefully in one of my next blogs I will be saying that he is a happy guy again...and he has some more teeth and that's all it was.

OK...on to the other kid in the house that is wearing us thin. I thought the terrible two's were over at 2. Becca is now 5 and she is still "terrible". Not really, but man she can throw the best temper tantrums, she is as stubborn as a mule (and no, she does not act just like her mom), and she acts just like a teenager. I thought we had another 8 years before we have to deal with some of the attitude that she is showing. Is this what it's like to raise a girl??? I keep hearing it doesn't get any better or any easier...what are we going to do???

Bradley is Bradley. 12 years old and knows it all. He is so much smarter than us, teaches us new things each day and has a mouth of a teenager. OMG!! He is doing really well at camp, which is really nice since when they have an issue over at his camp with behavior or anything's me they call. I think that has scared him into just being good. He is also at the camp where he is one of the oldest there and he has always done better with the younger kids...they are more socially where he is, so as of right now it has been a good fit for him. At home he is still sneaking candy, which is really good on those braces, especially the starbursts, gum, and everything else that is sticky that he is not suppose to have, but still eats. He hates his braces, but doesn't understand that when you don't follow the Dr's orders, it will prolong his keeping them on. Maybe he'll get it...or maybe not and we will still be fighting the same battle in 2-3 years...we'll see.

We are trying to figure out what type of trip we want to take this summer...something cheap and close to home since everything costs so much now a days. I think we are going to go up to the Quad Cities where Bradley was born and spent the first 6 years of his life. We thought we would take him to some of the places we visited when we were going up there visiting him when he was in foster care, before we adopted him. They have a lot of stuff John Deere which he still enjoys looking at and I think James would like seeing it also. We are also going to try and catch up with his Case Worker at Catholic Charities, which might be kind of difficult since we don't know if she is still working there or not. So, this summer is going to be Bradley's trip...I don't think he remembers anything about Moline or Rock Island, but it will be cool to go back up and show him what we know, what we did, and some of the places that he went (his school, foster mom's house, the park where we played every weekend we were up there, the zoo we took him to, etc.). I'll let you know how it goes I'm sure and we will have to take the camera to capture all of it.

Well, I hope everyone has a great weekend...hopefully my next post will say that my youngest is feeling GREAT, my middle child has lost her attitude, and my oldest has stopped sneaking...I doubt it, but we can all wish right???

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