Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Birthdays and Birthdays...oh my!!

I can't believe my "baby" will be 2 in 1 week!! Wow, where does the time go?? James also has to be the cutest kid in the universe...I know I'm his mother and that's what I'm suppose to think. I never imagined 2 years ago that I could love another child (especially a boy...when I really wanted another girl) as much as I do. It is amazing how much your life changes and how wonderful it is. He is a completely different child than Becca ever was...he's all BOY!!
I can't believe my other "baby" will be 6 in 8 days!! Now that is one that is still unbelievable to me everyday!! Kindergarten...that word still makes me cry. She goes to school, goes to afterschool or youth club and comes home at 5:00 when we get home. She is away from me for 8-9 hours a day...isn't she suppose to be my "baby"?? Oh how kindergarten scares me when I think of that word and James...I will be a HUGE basketcase!!

We have 4 parties within a week...OMG...what was I doing, having 2 kids the first week of January!!!! Oh well, once we get these 2 done we are good till August!!!

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Jen said...

I can't believe how alike they look in their newborn pictures. Enjoy your parties this week.