Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas party and Santa

So our weekend was pretty uneventful...imagine is OUR life now a days.

Friday night I worked, we had Winter Ball at Lincoln Square for our participants, dancing, DJ, Food, what more could you ask for?? It seemed to go pretty well, with no problems. Saturday morning we took the kids to Lincoln Square so they could shop for Mom and Dad at the Crisis Nursery Holiday Shopping. The seemed to have a good time...I'm anxious to see if Becca can keep it a secret for the next 17 days!! After that we went to the VFW in Urbana for a Christmas Party. My stepdad is a member there and he works there part time, so it is something we have done for the last few years. They had lunch, santa, and presents for the kids, it was really a good time. After that we came home and rested before heading out for the Parade of Lights. I had to work or at least I think it was work...I had to ride on the trolley with some of our participants and Santa. Becca was walking the parade with her Daisy Girl Scout Troop, and she made it the whole way. We tried bundling everyone up so that they were as warm as possible. Becca did OK, Bradley complained that his feet were cold, and POOR James cried for most of the parade, he was miserable. We put snowpants on the 2 little ones, but James only has knit gloves, that aren't all that warm...but that's all we have. His poor fingers were so swollen and red when we got to my Mom's I thought we were going to have to take him to the ER. We played in the sink with some warm water and bubbles, I tried warming them in my hands, finally by the end of the night they were looking more "normal" and by this morning they looked fine.
We had a VERY busy Saturday. Sunday was more of our "normal" day...Church, CCD, lunch, naps, a little bit of shopping, dinner, baths, bed.

James in front of the tree

James and Santa (he's not scared of him...I just think he knows what to think of him)

Becca and Santa

All 3 with Santa...James still isn't too sure of him.

Well, our week looks pretty good. Not a whole lot going on. I have to work everyday and on Saturday, and then next Sunday we are driving down to my Grandma's house in Southern Illinois for a get together with that side of the family. I am so EXCITED about Christmas, I just wish I had all of my presents bought. I am getting closer...I know what I am getting my Great Aunt and my Grandma...I just don't have a clue about what to get my parents. We are running out of time to get a kitchen table...UGH!!!!!

Well, have a great week and stay WARM!!!!

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