Saturday, December 13, 2008

Weekly Update

So, this week has been pretty exciting at the O'Connor household...or at least it has been for us. :)

Monday, Jason and I went out looking for a kitchen table for my mom/stepdad. We went to most of the furniture stores in town and down to Tuscola to Kelsey's. We struck out for my mom, but found a table for us. Right now we have a small round table with 4 chairs in our kitchen and James is in a high chair. This won't last us for much longer, so we are looking at a table that has 4 chairs and a bench. We found one at Ashley that we really like, it's on sale, and much cheaper than we had thought they would be...who knows maybe Santa will bring it. :)

Tuesday and Wednesday were just normal days.

Thursday we worked and then picked up the kids, dropped James off at my Mom's and then came home and ate some quick pizza before taking the kids over to Ubben to play basketball with the Illini. Becca was really excited about this when I picked her up from afterschool, but by the time we got there her excitement was over taken with nervousness. They took the kids in the gym and the parents got to go upstairs and watch from the railings around the gym. Becca was a bit out of sorts. Bradley jumped right in and grabbed a ball and started shooting. He is not that "into" basketball, not sure he has even seen a game this year, so he just hung out and shot. Becca did enjoy the cheerleaders, and got her face painted and made Christmas cards with them. The "guys" were really good with the kids, especially Trent and Bubba. Mike T. really enjoyed "blocking" all of the kids' shots. After they got done playing they got all of their autographs on posters and a basketball we sent with Becca. I think Jason and I thought it was much cooler than the kids even understand. Maybe someday they will "get it"...or not...who knows.
Becca playin' ball with Rich Semrau

Bradly and Alex Legion

Friday we worked, I went and got my hair cut (a bit shorter than I wanted to, but it'll grow) and then got the kids and came home and went to work in the little kids' room. We took down the crib, took out the changing table and took the bunk beds apart. James is now sleeping in a "big boy" bed. Yeah!!! He really liked it when we took it apart and told him it was his new bed, however when it was time to lay down...he wasn't to sure. He cried for "more milk, door open, mom, etc" for about an hour and then fell asleep. He looks so little in his big boy bed. We thought since Becca is with my mom tonight and heading down to my grandma's tomorrow it would be a good weekend for him to do it and not keep her awake. Hopefully tomorrow night will go even better.
James going to bed

James snoozin' in his big boy bed

Saturday/Sunday- I have to work Saturday and then I am coming home and cleaning some more around the house. I only have 2 loads of laundry to do and then all of that is done...YEAH...but the rest of the house is a mess. Sunday morning we are going to get up and head down to my grandma's for Christmas with her. We are hoping to get out of town around 7:00 so we can get down there around 9:30 or so and we will probably head back around 5:00. It will be a long day in the car, but we will save $50.00 by not boarding the dogs.

So...that is our big, exciting week...told wasn't that exciting!!

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Jen said...

Must see your new haircut! That is so cool that the kids got to play at Ubben. Mike will be jealous.