Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas is done, but the tree is still up

Bradley getting his DS

Becca and her DS

James and his train table

Well the O'Connors had a GREAT Christmas!! The kids got what they wanted and were very happy Christmas morning. Isn't that what it's all about?? I remember as a kid having that 1 thing in mind and not getting was such a bummer!! I promised myself that I would always try to get my kids the one thing that they really wanted, that 1 thing that they tell Santa they want. So far...we have been able to do it. Bradley and Becca each got a DS and James got a train table. They were very excited. I didn't think I would be able to get James away from the trains long enough to open any more presents. We got up at 7 and open presents here and then went to my Mom's about 9 and opened presents over there. She cooks breakfast, so after presents we all ate together (this is a tradition that my grandma started...waffles, eggs, and sausage...YUMMY). My sister and her husband/step son left then and we hung out at Mom's for the rest of the day, ate dinner, played some card games, and then headed for home.
The next day the kids played with their toys all day. It was so cute...James woke up, got out of bed and ran to the train table saying "Play choo choo trains". We ended up getting out for a bit and ran to Target and got some Christmas decorations- half price and to Toys R Us, the kids had money to spend from Grandma Weber so we let them get a couple of DS games.

Dave and Melissa and Honey came down on Saturday (through the Thunderstorms and Tornadoes) to have Christmas with us. It was so much fun. The kids really enjoyed the visit and they LOVED their presents from them. We hung out, talked, played with the puppy and just had a really good time.
Sunday, Mom and I went shopping...literally ALL Day long. She was on a hunt for winter coats for the kids. She always has bought their coats, and usually buys them the year before when they are 50-60% off. We found 1 for James, and then had trouble finding one for Becca and Bradley. Finally we found them each a coat and headed for home.

The kids have had such a good time this holiday season. We did not travel around Christmas and the kids had a blast staying home and playing with their toys. Christmas night and Friday night Becca made a comment about "we are going to be home to play with our toys tomorrow?"-Yes...I think this will be our new tradition, at least for a few years. It is the best see your children's eyes light up, the smiles, etc when they get to "just play". Jason did "surprise" me with a necklace...for those of you that don't know...I hate surprises. This is the first time he has "truly" surprised 12 years. My kitchen table that we ordered also came in the day after Christmas!! That was also a great present. I feel so lucky to have such a wonderful family, my husband is the best, I am so lucky to have met him! My kids, although at times can be very difficult, are truly gifts from God. My mom is also a gift from God, I don't know how I got so lucky to have her as my Mom. My sister, brother in law, and step dad are people that would do anything for you at any time. I appreciate them and love them VERY much!! Sitting there watching the kids and my family open presents, I got tears in my eyes, because... the feeling of overall happiness over took me. I am blessed!!!

So, our tree is still up because Jason's parents are coming this afternoon to bring the kids their presents. Usually we take it down the day after, and sometime we even take it down Christmas night when the kids are in bed. I can't wait to take it down and get our living room back to "normal". We are having dinner tonight with the O'Connors, I know Jason's parents and Mark are coming down, not sure if Sarah is or not. We took all of their presents up there before Christmas because I thought they would just come down for the kids' birthdays and bring their Christmas presents then...I was wrong.

So...1 birthday party on the 3rd (Becca's kid party), James' is the 6th, Becca's is the 7th, and then we are having a family Birthday party on the 10th for both kids. I wanted to do separate birthday parties, but Becca wanted to share...I can't imagine this will happen too often so we are taking her up on it. Many more pictures to come...I'm sure. Have a wonderful week!!!

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