Thursday, December 4, 2008

Night at the North Pole

So, we took the kids tonight to Lincoln Square for "Night at the North Pole", that Carle put on. It was an OK night, the kids seemed to enjoy themselves, which was why we were there!! James did NOT like the "dressed up" people...they had a Gingerbread man and a person dressed up as the Salvation Army man with a really big head...he about jumped out of Jason's arms each time they got close to him. Poor baby!! He was OK with Santa though, which I thought was weird.

Becca having Dr. Tripathy give her doll a "check up"

James having the Dr. check out Mickey Mouse

The kids with Santa and Mrs. Claus

James with his Reindeer Antlers on.

Belinda and Grace met us over there, so we hung out with them till the end of the evening, then came home, put on pj's and put the kids to bed...Yeah!!!

I am still in shock that it is the 4th of December...21 days till Christmas!!! Wow!!! I have all of our shopping done, except for my parents and my grandma. We talked about all going in on a new kitchen table...but like I said we "talked"...nothing has yet to be done about it. My grandma is also a tough one to buy for...I'm still thinking about this, I have 9 days to figure something out, since we are going down to see her on the 14th. Hopefully something inspiring will come to me.

Still trying to figure out what we are going to do for Becca's birthday...she wants to have a kid party and go to Chuck E. Cheese. Since the closest one is in Bloomington...I don't think we will be taking a group of kids there on January 3rd...we have to come up with something BETTER!!! "But that's all I want to do", is her response when I say lets think of something else...we'll see.

Well, hope everyone has a wonderful weekend...I have to work late friday night, we are having our Winter Ball at Lincoln Square, and then I have to work the Parade of Lights on Saturday. If I can get through 2 more weeks I am off for 2 weeks for Christmas...YEAH!!! If you want something to do...come out to downtown Champaign for the Parade, Becca is also walking in it for Daisy Girl Scouts...she is going to be whining the entire way because she is cold, tired, etc. I'm glad I will be riding with Santa in the trolley!!! Good night!!!

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